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Delight your child with the news that they can come to The Art Factory every week!

At The Art Factory we are passionate about art! We love everything about art… painting, making, creating, getting our hands dirty, trying new things. The Art Factory is a wonderful environment for your child to nurture their passion for art. Your child will have the opportunity to explore a range of artistic skills as well as develop their own creative flair with our warm and talented instructors. Most importantly the will be free to express their individual sense of creativity and enjoy the feelings of pride and achievement in their creative accomplishments.


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Keep reading for more info and timetables for our weekly classes for kids 2-5yrs as well as after school art classes for kids 5-12yrs. You can also have a peek inside our photo gallery to see our fantastic artists at work. Please contact our studios on 9576 0135 to enquire about enrolments.


Kiddy Art for Toddlers 2-5yrs – Term4 2019 starts October 7 cost $200 for 10 week term

Creative exploration and art play is essential in a young child’s development. It offers them an outlet for self expression as well as opportunities to tap into their precious imagination. Creative activities challenge their developing fine motor skills and coordination and engage their sensory awareness. Talking about colours, textures and shapes all contributes in a young child’s understanding of the world around them.

Our Kiddy Art program is specifically designed to engage and delight toddlers 2-5yrs. Each week, a new exciting project is presented to give your toddler the opportunity to enjoy a huge range of materials and process. Explore colours, shapes, textures and processes like painting, collage, construction, textiles and so much more. Make things for your walls, to hang in your room and crafts that your child can interact with at home in imaginary play long after the class is finished.

Kiddy Art is a wonderful time to spend working together with your child, watching their creative flair evolve and their confidence grow. Seeing the pride that they take in their creations and their excitement to show their art off is priceless!

Bring your child to Kiddy Art to do what they do best – touch, do, make, explore, discover and enjoy. Art Class will be the highlight of your child’s week!

“We have been coming to Kiddy Art for almost a year, and it really is the highlight of Ruby’s week. I have loved watching her creativity and skills develop during the art classes, and now I just sit back and watch her doing everything on her own, which she is so proud of. She can’t wait to find out what she will be making each week and all the activities are spot on to engage and excite her. Kiddy Art is by far her favorite activity (and mine!)”                                                                             Nicole, mum of Ruby 3 yrs

After School Art for kids 5-15 yrs – Term 4 2019 starts October 7 Cost $300 for 10 week term

After School Art Classes are perfect for kids who just love art! At The Art Factory we offer classes for kids Ages 5yrs to teens. Recent research has shown that offering children a rich art program assists in their social and emotional development and has improved academic outcomes. (Vaughan, Harris and Caldwell, 2011)

1. Crafty Kids is an art program designed to expose kids to a feast of crafty materials and processes. They will explore techniques such as mosaics, sculpture, collage, textiles, papier-mache and more. A nurturing and encouraging environment is provided so that kids feel confident in their skills and proud of their outcomes.

2. Sketching The World is perfect for kids wanting to focus on enhancing their painting and drawing skills. Working in various media such as charcoal, pencil, pastel, watercolour and acrylic paints, your child will be inspired to draw the world around them. Students will learn fundamental drawing skills as well as gain confidence in their own creative expression.

3. Pottery classes for kids is for kids who love getting their hands dirty – making, sculpting and creating! Learn hand building skills and enjoy the process of clay creation in these fun, creative classes. Create a variety of clay masterpieces each term that will be glazed and kiln fired.

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