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Each guest takes home a masterpiece!

Delight your guests and invite them to an art party at The Art Factory. Our vibrant art studios are the perfect atmosphere for a celebration!

We have a fantastic range of activities to inspire boys and girls from 4 years of age through to some sophisticated crafts for teens. Your guests will all have fun creating a masterpiece that they will be thrilled to take home at the end of the party. Parties are hosted by our enthusiastic team of party hosts who are passionate about art and love working with kids.

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Party Structure:

We offer 90 minute parties for kids 4-7 yrs and offer the choice of a 2 hour option for kids 8 years and older.

For the first part of the party, the kids participate in the art workshop, creating their masterpiece. Our staff lead them through the workshop, ensuring all kids make something fantastic and have a great time in the process. During this time the birthday child sits in our spectacular birthday throne and all the guests contribute in a special wish pot that is later presented to the birthday child. The last 30 mins is time for the party food and birthday cake. At the completion of the party the kids collect their masterpieces to take home.

Our party venues only cater for one party at a time, so your function will be private and completely hosted by our wonderful and experienced party hosts.

“This is the third year in a row my daughter has chosen to have her party at The Art Factory! I think she loves it because the staff make her feel so special, and of course the artwork the kids create is always brilliant. I love it because it is so calm and organised and I don’t have to worry about a thing” Sue, mum of Grace 7 yrs
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Costs and info

  • For kids 4-7 yrs – 90 min party. Minimum cost is $330 for up to 10 kids, and $22 per child thereafter, and we can hold up to 30 kids max
  • For kids 8 -14yrs – optional 2 hr party. Minimum cost is $380 for up to 10 kids, then $27 per child thereafter, and we can hold up to 30 kids max
  • Parties can be held Fridays after school, all day Saturdays and Sundays as well as during the week depending on availability.
  • We can provide catering for $5 per child, or you can BYO party food.
  • Our catering menu: cocktail sausages, fairy bread, chips and cheezles, freddo frog and drinks (water/cordial)
  • BYO birthday cake. We have a freezer for ice-cream cakes – pls bring cones/cups
  • If you choose to BYO food, please bring plates, cups, napkins, plastic table covering, spoons as required
  • You can use our serving platters and large bowls
  • Colourful invitations can be downloaded by clicking here.
  • The birthday child nominates one art activity for the party. This must be done upon booking the party. Most activities offer options for boys and girls. Scroll down to see photos.
  • Fridge and freezer available – ice cream cakes are welcome
  • Balwyn has an oven and stove you can use in food preparation. Malvern and Essendon are limited to microwaves only.
  • You and your guests are invited to make use of our coffee and tea facilities at no extra cost. Everything is provided, including milk.
  • $50 non-refundable deposit is required upon booking, balance of payment can be paid on the day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we invite less than 10 kids? Yes, though the minimum charge still applies.

Can we invite guests that are younger than 4 years old? Yes sure, it’s no problem to have guests who aren’t 4 yet. We would assume this would be the case for a party for a 4 year old.

My child is turning 3, can we have a party at The Art Factory? If most of your guests are older than 4 years then thats no problem. However if the majority are 2 years we suggest you wait a year until they are turning 4 until having a party with us.

Can we choose more than one craft activity? No, there is only time to make one fabulous masterpiece at the party and all the kids have to make the same thing.

What if we have boys and girls invited? You will notice that almost all of the activities offer options to cater for different interests. ie: Creative canvases (space or fairy canvas) Treasure boxes (pirate or princess treasure box as well as a pirate hat or tiara) Also keep in mind that the kids get to choose their own colours and decorations for the artworks and there is always plenty of decorations and colours available for kids to make their own choices.

If there are a few older kids at the party can they choose from the older range of activities? No. As the party host works step by step through the craft with the group it is too tricky for them to direct two activities at a time.

If I choose to have the party catered by The Art Factory can I bring extra food? Yes of course, any extra food (nut free) is welcome.

Does The Art Factory cater for allergies? No. We offer a basic menu (see above) but you are welcome to supplement or substitute as you need.

Does The Art Factory cater food for adults? No, we don’t offer catering for the adults. We do have tea and coffee in our kitchenettes for adults to help themselves to. Includes kettle, tea, coffee, milk and sugar.

Can we bring in food for adults? Yes that’s no problem. Please also bring plates and cups as required.

Can adults stay at the party? Sure, we understand that parents of younger kids might want to stay close by. Though please reassure adults that they are not required to stay and as you can imagine the more adults, the more noise and the harder it is for the kids to hear the party host’s instructions.

Is there room for adults at the venue? Is there a separate area for the adults? Yes there is plenty of room, though they would be in the studio area where the party is being held.

What if less/more kids show up than expected? No problem. You are only charged for the number of kids who attend the party. If a few more than expected show up that’s no problem, we are always prepared.

Is there any charge for younger siblings who come along? No, they will only be charged if they participate in the craft activity.

What if younger siblings want to get involved? Kids older than 2 can have a go, they will just need an adult to help them out.

What time can we arrive to set up for the party? As we want the studio to be clean and fresh for you when you arrive, we will be ready for you to arrive no earlier than 10 mins prior to your party and we kindly request that you leave within 15 mins of your finishing time to allow us to prepare for the next group.

When do we pay the balance? The balance can be paid in the studio after the party by credit card(M/C, VISA), cheque or cash.
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Activity choices for kids 4-8 years. Continue to scroll down to see images

  • Fancy pencil boxes
  • Unicorn canvases
  • Cool clay party
  • Fairy gardens
  • Funky frames
  • Fairy and space canvas designs
  • Awesome initial canvases
  • Wooden shapes – Mix of butterflies, castles, rockets and robots
  • Pirate & fairy crafts – Treasure boxes and tiara or pirate hat
  • Super slime party – make 2 slimes!
  • Beaded Charm Jewelry (6yrs +)
  • Denim Journal (7 yrs +)
  • Wooden Wall Owl
  • Mini cake crafts
  • ‘Frozen’ theme treasure box and tiara
  • Crazy science experiments


Activity choices for kids 8-14 years. Continue to scroll down to see images

  • Tie Die Pillows & Socks
  • Groovy no-sew fleecy pillows
  • Paint & Party Canvas Designs
  • Beads and Charms Jewelry
  • Cute Kimmi Doll Canvases
  • Dream Catchers
  • Gorgeous Name Canvas
  • Decorated Lanterns
  • Painted Wall Owls
  • Denim Journal
  • Super Slime Party – make 3 slimes!

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